Following yesterday’s post about Google using old fashioned billboards to advertise its new Chrome browser, I took a photo of my local poster.

I found it significant and amusing that Google’s corporate message had been subverted with a graffiti warning about Codex.

Bear with me as I digress to Codex.

As a real food campaigner, I have been following the World Health Organisation/United Nations food code, Codex Alimentarius, for some time.

Is Codex a threat? Opinions are divided.

The Soil Association says no (Living Earth magazine, summer 2009). The organic charity has been an observer of Codex talks for the last decade and believes organic food is safe because it is protected by law, whereas Codex are guidelines only.

BBC5.TV disagrees – Codex is about corporate control of our food supply. In this chilling video on Codex, Judi Dench, narrating, says: “Secrecy and sales circumvent safety.”

The Alliance for Natural Health is similarly concerned.

Ditto, Atlantic Free Press, which also provides a solution:

Support your local organic farmer.

Digression over.

The graffitied poster did make me wonder.

Is Google is out-of-touch?

Surely Google  should have the savvy to know large expanses of white paper are a glorious invitation to subvertise?

What do you think?