Craiglist’s founder believes web developers are treating the web’s power respectfully, consciously.

In a 2006 Guardian interview, Craig Newmark says:

“I have the feeling, from reading blogs and so on, that the people building technology are more aware of its social consequences than at any other time or industry…for example, the social consequences of the automobile were not thought through.”

The web has the potential to deliver social change. Likening this period to the late 1600s-early 1700s, Craig Newmark says:

“There was an early blogger called John Locke whose works led to the glorious revolution, who in turn inspired another notorious blogger, Tom Paine, whose work led to the American revolution. This is just another surge in the whole historical process.”

I like the way Craig calls Locke and Paine bloggers, giving the modern term a universal relevant ring.