Writers, consider a blog.

My technical guru friend, Mike Farrow, said: “Go to WordPress.com”.

That’s all he said. He did not help me set one up or show me how to do it.

So I went to the WordPress.com site and I registered with my email address.

WordPress is designed for non-tecchies so it’s beautifully simple.

The next step – clearly shown – is an invitation to write something, give it a title and and…publish.

What writer can resist?

Suddenly for the first time in my journalistic career, I was in control of what I published and when.

I chose my theme: food. I care passionately about wholesome nutrition and there’s no shortage of material as I eat every day.

I chose its name – Real Food Lover – spontaneously. Of course, if I’d known how my blog would grow in stature, I might have agonised more. However it turned out to be a good name.

I started with the basics, learning as I go. How to add pictures, chose a design, use all the bits on the dashboard (the backend of the blog) such as widgets for the sidebars, and tracking stats.

How to make connection with other bloggers and make reciprocal comments and links.

The above was goobledook when I started but look at me now, reeling off the techno-jargon.

In the second year of my blog, it was shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers New Media 2009 awards.

In my third year I got my first job as a freelance web editor. In other words, I have successfully transferred my skills from print to the web.

My blog has been a  mega-learning experience in communicating in the digital age.

Don’t take my word for it.

Get yourself a blog.

Don’t expect too much – you are just playing.

And see where it takes you.