I have noticed how paranoid thinking gets in the way of performing tasks on the web.

By paranoia I mean any thought with “They” in it.

  • Why are They making it so hard for me to download/upload/cancel?
  • Don’t They know I have more important things to do with my time?
  • The bastards – They are doing this on purpose.

In other words, a malicious entity is stopping me achieve success.

The other day I decided to cancel my subscription with the business nework, Ecademy.

Ecademy has been fruitful over the years but now I mostly use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The time had come to move on.

I did a bit of a Google search to help me delete my subscription… and found some disgruntled ex-ecademists.

Reading other people’s disatisfied thoughts was very satisfying.

I felt purged.

Thus, freed of negativity, I approached the Ecademy site with positivity.

“Surely there must be a process to delete a subscription?” I thought in my new-found adult, sane way.

And there was.

I scrolled to the bottom of the page where the menu looked more official.

The lettering was tiny and the choices not obvious.

After one click to a false trail, I plumped for “support”.

The contact form requested my “Issue Type”.

Issue Type.

Recovering paranoid, delusional, hysterical? Where do I start?

I breathed.

I thought: “It is not personal”.

Liberated by this useful mantra, I chose “Account Closure” as my Issue Type.

And lo-and-behold it gave me all the info I needed to cancel my subscription.