Ooooh I absolutely love  the web.

(As Eloise might say)

I love it for lots of reasons (ease of communication and research) but especially as a writer.

Good quality writing is essential for an effective website.

This was brought to my attention by Dan Raine and his email on how Google ranks sites.

Google analyses a search by using synonyms – different words that mean the same thing.

For instance, my search for “organic clothes” also brings up results including: “eco” and “clothing”.

Clever Google!

It makes me think about the value of writers.

We try not to repeat the same word.

(Unless we are D.H. Lawrence – oooh I absolutely love D.H.Lawrence).

Back to synonyms.

The writer’s practice of avoiding repetition must make a website even easier to catch Google’s computerised attention.

What do you think?

Image of Eloise from Amazon books;  image of D.H. Lawrence from