News that Gap has withdrawn its new logo following an outcry on its Facebook page is a fascinating case study on a) the power of Facebook to create an online community 2) the idiocy of ignoring it.

Hello? What is the point of having a Facebook page if you don’t engage with your fans?

The funny thing is that – as this astute blogger points out – Gap exchanged its TV budget (in 2009) for web and social media.

The whole point of having a social media presence is to invite interaction.

And to…er… interact.

As, rather belatedly, Marka Hansen, president of Gap Brand North America, has realised:

“We’ve been listening to and watching all of the comments this past week,” she said in a statement. According to the Independent, Gap “did not go about this in the right way” and missed the “opportunity to engage with the online community.”

I had my own Gap moment on Monday.

The Gap store in London trumpeted a “60% sale.”

But my feet just kept on walking to my favourite charity shop a few streets down.

Therein – as a reward for eschewing sale signs, I fancy – I found this darling cardigan from which I am deriving, in a time of stress,  inordinate pleasure thanks to its colour, cosiness and sheer bargain-huntedness.